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About is a website that is dedicated to strengthening Faroese food production and food culture. On you will find information about Faroese food production and locally produced food.

On the website you will find a search bar that can help you localize the Faroese food producers and their products. You can type search words into the search bar or choose “advanced search” for specific topics and categories. The results will show who sells the goods and where the production took place. If you type in ‘egg’ you will see all the egg vendors, for example, and if you type ‘Streymoy’ you will see all the vendors located on the island of Streymoy.

Both full-time as well as hobby producers are to be found on the web page, and they each have their own profile page. On the profile page you will find information about the history and activities of the individual producers, as well as contact information so that you can easily contact the producer. In addition to making the producers more visible, we want to situate the products in a social and geographical context. We want you to know the Faroese food producers.

It is of great importance that the buyer understands the situation and conditions of the producer. This is why Matkovin is going to inform about relevant topics and matters, such as the seasons, authorisations, pricing and ecology.