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From sea to table:

Homely seafood dinner in Tórshavn

As islanders, we live by the sea and from its bounty. Therefore, it is in our nature to feel humbled by the sea and to want to care for it.

We are Hávarður and Sunniva – a sailor and an anthropologist who share a common closeness to the sea. We enjoy exploring our rocky archipelago by sailboat and savouring newly caught seafood.

Food is a catalyst for many good things, and we wish to celebrate our connection to the sea through food. We attach great importance to regenerative foodways, and these values define our cooking and eating. We catch the seafood ourselves or buy it directly from a local diver, seaweed farmer or fisherman. Our cooking follows the seasons, and we put an effort into embracing and utilizing a variety of species and cuts, especially the undervalued ones.

If you want to sample our local foodways, please contact us. We look forward to inviting you into our home.

Are you also curious about exploring our beautiful archipelago by sea? Then we suggest you read further about our Bianca sailboat, Enniway. We offer guided sailing trips with the additional option of food service, and bare boat charter.