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Vision and values

During the last ten years the interest for Faroese food has grown considerably. Gourmet, Koks, Spískamarið, Heimablíðni and others players on the culinary scene have been very industrious in presenting and selling the abundance of the Faroese cuisine and food culture.

There is a divide, though, between this romantic vision of the Faroese food culture and the everyday state of things, where the majority of our food is imported from far-away countries. In the supermarkets, you’ll find lamb from New Zealand, eggs and cheese from Denmark and potatoes from Scotland. These are primary products that could be produced in the Faroe Islands, but due to several circumstances, such as cost and legislation, the goods are imported instead in large numbers. Few Faroese foods are available in the shops, and we are never told where the producer of these foods is located. The Faroese food producer is invisible.

Who delivers the food? Where does the producer reside? How is the product cultivated, hunted, caught or processed? What is the story behind the product? Why should you support local producers?

These are important questions that we are going to explore and discuss on The aim of the web page is to shorten the distance between producer and consumer and to support a sustainable and more responsible Faroese food culture, production and industry. On the Faroese food producer is at the centre.