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We are Kári Klettskarð í Kongsstovu (34) and Gunnhild Dahl Niclasen (36). We live in Haraldssund, where Kári was raised. Gunnhild was raised in Tórshavn and Klaksvík.

Kári is an educated shipmaster and has been employed on different fishing vessels. He owns and runs the fishing boat Kallanes. He has also taken an agricultural course in small farm leasing and is also a sheep herder for Innan á Skarði.

Gunnhild has a BA in political science and an MA in human ecology. She has been a teacher in social science and has worked with different projects and events concerning the environment. Last year Gunnhild left her job as an upper secondary school teacher and became an independent businesswoman. She is one half of the co-ordinators of the environment week in the Municipality of Klaksvík, called Slóða Fyri. She also works in Súkkluhandilin í Klaksvík.

Our family has always owned land, and at the moment we are four generations that keep sheep together. We are happy that the food production is a family undertaking. The whole family helps with keeping the sheep, and we preserve and strengthen important traditions that the whole family is a part of, such as unity, co-operation and the friendly atmosphere.

The work load is not always the same. It depends on the time of the year. In January, we bring the male breeding lambs home and take care of them inside. All of us also gather to make good tallow. February and March are low-activity months, where we take care of the male breeding lambs. In April, we go up into the mountains to give the sheep preventive medicine, and in May we lead the male breeding lambs to the fat pastures. In June, we drive the sheep for shearing, and July and August are spent making hay. In September, we take the rams home that have been on fat pastures, and we drive the rest of the sheep that are ready for slaughter. We are completely finished with the slaughter and the harvest in October. For the rest of the year, there is less activity, though the male breeding lambs go out into the fields in November/December.

It is of great importance to us that the food production is environmentally friendly and sustainable, and that all of the food gets utilized fully.

At the moment, we sell processed and primary produce. We like to entertain guests, and therefore we are planning to offer something in that regard.

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Our products

Dry sheep meat

Dry-aged sheep meat

Sheep liver

Sheep kidney

Sheep blood, rumen and tallow

Good tallow

Packed lunch

Seasonal availability

Dry meat – From march and until it’s sold out.

Dry aged ribs –  From the 15th of November until the 15th of January.

Dry aged meat – From the 1st of Desember until the 1st of February.

Liver and kidney – From the end of September when the sheep is slaughtered until sold out.

Blood, rumen and tallow – In the end of September when we slaughter the sheep.

Good tallow – After christmas

Packed lunch – By reservation

Contact preferences

By phone or message.

Dry meat – 1-2 days before needed

Dry-aged meat – 1-2 days before needed

Liver and kidney  –  Before the slaughter in the end of September

Blood, rumen and tallow – Before the slaughter in the end of September

Good tallow – 1-2 days before needed

Packed lunch – 1 week before needed



The meat from the sheep-farming is intended for our own consumption. The surplus meat will be put up for sale. Therefore, our amount of products is limited.