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My name is Maud Wang Hansen and I live in Nólsoy. For some years I have spent time growing vegetables, but it is only recently that I have begun to sell what I grow. I only produce in small quantities as a domestic production and, first and foremost, I produce for my own use and for when I make food for others. When I have a surplus of food, I am happy to sell to others.

Growing vegetables is a pastime in addition to my study and work. On average, I use half of my working hours in the vegetable garden; but during the summer when there is harvest and putting away for storage, I use a lot more hours. I get a lot of welcome help from my husband who does all of the heavy work.

I work as a kindergarten teacher, and I am taking a master’s degree in West Nordic Studies, Governance and Sustainable Management at the University of the Faroe Islands. I have a degree in pedagogy with a diploma degree in pedagogy management and as a Marte adviser.

I began growing vegetables because I wanted to be self-sufficient and to minimize the import of foreign food. It is important to me that the food I eat is sustainable, local and organic. Whether I can call my vegetables organic is a question of authorization, and I do not know what the requirements are to be organic. Although, I do my very best to grow them as sustainable and organic as I know how.

Taste, tradition and a good narrative go well together, and to be able to talk with people about this gives my work an extra dimension.

I have a little bit of everything in my garden, and I like to try out new seeds and plants. As soon as the snow is gone and the frost has thawed in the spring, I put compost in the topsoil and prepare to loosen and fertilize the soil. After that is done, I plant the seeds. I take the seedlings into the greenhouse to grow, and I check on them regularly to see how well that is going. I always make sure to have an inventory of all my plants and when they have been planted. When the heat has reached the air (May, June, July), I move the seedlings out into the garden, where I check on them every morning to see how well they are doing. Sometimes I need to weed out and do some thinning. Throughout the summer, I am in the garden for a few hours every day. In the evening I hydrate the soil.

We eat herbs during the summer, and in the fall we harvest the potatoes and salad. The vegetables will then be blanched and put in the freezer. The potatoes will be kept for a whole year and the carrots and rutabaga for as long as they can last into the winter. The kale will stand the whole year until the hurricanes have destroyed them, perhaps by May, and by then it is time to plant new kale.

By November, I put the garlic in the topsoil, and then I wait until the following summer when I can harvest it. A few months back I got hens, which demands that I am even more present in the garden. They are fed every morning.

In addition to my work, study and the vegetable production, I have Heimablíðni where I set the table for my guests with what I have grown myself. I am often asked to have talks about sustainable food culture, food production and compost.

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My products



Potatoes (  I am trying to grow different old varieties )



Green Kale


Homemade pesto

Seasonal availability

Summer and autumn

Contact preferences

A message through facebook or an email is the easiest for me.

If I am at home, you are always welcome to pay me a visit.



Everything depends on the weather and the yield. The potato blight can ruin the potato field, and different insects can ruin the kale and the roots.

My produce is intended primarily for me and my family, but when there is a surplus of vegetables, I put them for sale.

Usually, I can have the products ready the same day I receive the message about the order.

If there is a need for it, I can send the products with the ferry, Ternan, to Tórshavn.