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My name is André Delmarsson Kjærbo, and I am 33 years old. In 2015, I took over tenure from my uncle. The copyhold is 5 merkur and 8 gyllin.

At the moment, I work full-time in the building trade, and farming is a hobby. However, I am working on optimizing Nesgarður to be able to work with farming part- or full-time. I only have 120 sheep in my herd, but I hope to organize the production to accommodate around 200-300 sheep.

When I took over the tenure, I began producing and selling food. I have always had a great interest in sheep farming, and this interest has expanded to include goose and cattle breeding. When I took over Nesgarður, I wished to make a living as a farmer and produce the best Faroese primary produce possible. Today, I sell meat and offal from bull calves and sheep and carcasses of goose. In addition, I sell fresh, fermented and dried lamb.

My main priority as a food producer is excellent taste and to offer the customer the very best product. On the other hand, my main priority as a farmer is the health of the livestock and their environment.

I manage Nesgarður alone, but during the sheep shearing,  and in the fall, people are always ready to lend a helping hand. I have four children who love to take part in farm work. The children are allowed to participate from a very young age. When I am off work in the building industry, I go home to pick up the children. We feed the geese and sheep and check if everything is in order and that no ewes are missing or ill. Then we go to the cowshed to feed the calves and the sheep that are kept inside.

We drive the sheep in November/December. At that time, we administer vitamin D with a syringe to ward off osteoporosis. We then release the sheep into the infield until the mating season is over, after which the sheep are moved to the outfield.

In April, we drive the sheep again. We treat the sheep and keep them in the infield until the lambing season is over.

The sheep shearing takes place in July, and in October, the autumn sheep driving takes place. We still slaughter in the traditionally, which we will probably continue doing because the carcasses of sheep slaughtered in a modern way do not compare to the quality of carcasses slaughtered in the good old traditional way.

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Our products

Lamb meat (Fresh, dry-aged and dry mean), lamb offal (Heart, liver and kidneys ), lamb’s head and stuffed sheep’s rectum.

Bull calf meat

Carcass of goose

Seasonal availability

We prefer that people order lamb meat in autumn.

Sheep´s head and stuffed sheep’s rectum are only sold in autumn.

Sheep offal is sold throughout the year.

Bull calf meat is sold at different times of the year, and the amount is very limited.


Contact preferences

People are always welcome to call us or send a message by phone, messenger or email.


Our farm is located in the island, Suðuroy, so it is not always possible to deliver the product the same day as it is ordered. It is good to be in good time with the order.