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The farm on Magnusmørk


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We are Jógvan Johannessen (49) and Óli Jógvansson (21). With the help of our family, we run the agricultural production of the farm on Magnusmørk in Mikladalur.

My wife, Marianna, and myself (Jógvan) are both born and raised in Klaksvík. In 2012, we moved north to Mikladalur because we wanted to advance agricultural production and try something new. We have three children. Two of them live with us in Mikladalur, and the oldest daughter lives and studies abroad.

We began sheep farming and food production in 2000 when we bought a piece of freehold land in Mikladalur. We have since bought and added more land to our property in Mikladalur. Today, 20 years hence, we also have a copyhold farm in Húsar, and we help manage a copyhold farm in Mikladalur.

We all work in Klaksvík, but a large part of our free time is dedicated to farming. We tend to all the obligations that come from sheep farming. Even though we are pretty busy, we regularly drive sheep, and we have two excellent sheepdogs to assist us. Óli does most of the sheep driving.

A lot of work is on the schedule throughout the year. Sheep houses and storehouses must be maintained, and several times a year, the fencing needs checking. Mending a broken fence is very important. Sheep farming and food production are also very time-consuming. In January, we go to the outfield to round up the breeders. Around this time, the sheep are given vitamin D. In April, we give the ewes medicine and start sprouting the seed potatoes. In May, the rhubarb patch is cleared for weeds, and the seed potatoes are planted. The lambing has begun, and the sheep that have been indoors are released into the outfield. When July arrives, sheep shearing is on the agenda. In late July, we start making and baling the hay. During August/September, some of the lambs are removed from the ewes and released into the field to the aftercrop. By the end of September, the sheep drive and slaughter commence. This is a very exciting – though occasionally strenuous – time! First, the male and female breeder lambs are chosen. Then the sheep are administered medicine, and the sheep that are to be indoors during winter are placed in the booth. Finally, the ewes are put back into the outfield. When the slaughter commences, the offal is gathered and packaged, and the carcasses are hung. By late November, most of the sold carcasses are sent out to the buyers. At the beginning of December, the breeder lambs are put into the outfield, and we wait with excitement for next year’s lambing.

Primarily, we sell fresh and fermented lamb and offal – mainly carcasses and cuts of meat. We also sell rhubarbs and chicken eggs. The meat that we sell comes from Mikladalur and Húsar. Excellent taste and the right amount of fat means a great deal to us. The meat from Mikladalur is partly from the steep terrain of the western side, which always gives the meat an excellent taste.

We enjoy making the most out of our produce. Therefore, it is important for us to utilize and enhance our excellent primary produce. To improve our working conditions, we have acquired a new slaughter room, making it easier to manage and utilize our primary produce. Hopefully, the slaughter room will be approved in 2021. The approval gives us more opportunities to make use of the primary produce. We believe that it is the right thing to do.

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Our products

We sell whole or cut-up lamb carcass ( Fresh or dry-aged )

Also, we sell lamb offal, good tallow, hen’s egg and rhubarbs


Seasonal availability

Mostly summer and autumn

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By messenger / facebook


We live on the island Kalsoy, and we are dependent on the ferry connection to Kalsoy.

Please contact us some days prior to use.